We are a law firm providing legal services in the areas of Housing Management and Employment. This is our core focus, a partner delivered service where we have over 20 years experience as experts.

Housing Management specialists

We provide a comprehensive and integrated legal service in the field of housing management covering landlord & tenant, employment, personal injury, debt collection and litigation issues.

Our clients range from smaller private landlords to larger organisations including social and commercial landlords. Central to our firm since its creation is our work in the Social Housing sector. We are proud of the established relationships we have developed with our long-term clients in this sector with whom we fulfill the role of legal partner.

We have a wealth of commercial expertise and a proven track record of working with housing associations, RSLs, ALMOs, public authorities, charities and not for profit organisations.

We also develop and deliver bespoke training programmes tailored to our client’s requirements.


Combining legal expertise, commercial experience and a commercially pragmatic approach we provide a service that is tailored to our client’s business and legal requirements.


We provide a comprehensive employment law service to our employer clients. Our clients vary in size and sector, from SMEs to larger corporations in the commercial sector and organisations in the public and social sectors.

Members of our team have experience of managing teams within the workplace in a variety of sectors so our clients can have confidence in our advice and guidance and the manner of its implementation.

Our pro-active approach helps ensure that our client’s exposure to litigation, and cost, is minimised. Although we aim to avoid costly disputes whenever possible, should an employment issue advanced to the level of litigation, we are tenacious and skilled in representing our client’s best interest.

We have a successful track record in representing employees at a variety of levels. With an in-depth understanding of employment law we can assess the options available to you, their likely timeframes and importantly the cost implications related to these.

Once we have reviewed the options our focus moves to resolution and results whether this is through our clients following our advice or working together to achieve the outcome. We strive to ensure that our employee client’s best interests are served at all times.

In our experience employment disputes can very often be a stressful experience for employees and we are here to provide support and guidance through the process.

We would like to hear from you if we can be of any assistance or if you would like any further information.

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